Diving Into My Old Vintage Books

For those of you who are on Instagram, I’ve made an IGTV video of this journey on there as well! You can view it at: Uncovering: Publishing Dates on Old Books

Now, since I’ve lived in Colorado (2016), I’ve started to accumulate old vintage books from family, friends, and my own shopping at the local thrift store. My next venture will hopefully be a collection of Louisa May Alcott books printed in the 1920s. Until then though, these are the few that I have! Some are in German, so I can’t read them, but then again I can’t read the others either. They’re in delicate condition, but I promise I dust them and wipe them down whenever it’s needed. I might not be a Joe Goldberg (from the infamous YOU by Caroline Kepnes), but I do treat all of my books as though they’re living, breathing beings.

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