Fifteen Years Apart

They’re whiny.

They’re bossy.

They’re stubborn.

They’re demanding.

Who am I describing? A toddler.

One might think that the title “Fifteen Years Apart” would refer to an older sibling or maybe even a significant other, well in this case the term “younger sibling” applies. Willow Marie-Skillings Warren (once Skillings Skillings) entered into my life when I was about to turn fifteen, three days before my birthday. She’s currently about to turn four and oh boy, do I have stories to tell you guys about her.

Why would I dedicate a post just to my almost four year old sister? Well, let’s just say she’s a character. I mean, sure, what almost four year olds aren’t? but Willow? she’ll outshine all of them.

I’m sure at least one of my readers have watched one of the many scary movies with children in them, such as Insidious, Unborn, or anything creepy. Let’s just say lately, she’s been creepy. She has once dragged one of my best friends down the hallway and into her room, screaming manically and laughing. It was horrific and yes, we video taped it for evidence.  She’s gotten to the stage where she just doesn’t know right from wrong and she knows when she’s being creepy.

Just the other day I was leaving for work at 5am (as usual) and she was under the dining room table hyperventilating. I wasn’t sure what it was because she was supposed to be in bed and we usually have the baby proof doorknob covers on so I was sure that it couldn’t be her. Well, I made a few steps into the dining room and boom, there she was. Honestly, I should’ve expected her to get out because she’s outsmarted the baby proofing before, but at 5am when she’s supposed to be asleep? she just threw me off guard.

“Is mommy awake?”, I asked her.

“Noooo.” she said.

“What about daddy?”


“Well, why are you up?”

“Because my friends aren’t sleeping..”

Okay, first off she doesn’t have any friends that stay the night in her room besides our dog Sargeant. Secondly, maybe I’m just paranoid but almost four year olds are just naturally demonic.  My fiance and I walked out of my house so quickly saying “nope, nope, nope”. I mean, who wouldn’t be creeped out by that at 5am?

Willow Marie is one of the most demanding little girls I’ve met. If you don’t give her a hug before you leave the room, she’ll cry. If you don’t take her with you when she wants to go somewhere, she’ll cry. I mean, she’s cute. But damn.

I honestly don’t have much to elaborate on her life at the moment because I haven’t really been around her due to work and sleep but Willow Marie is a handful.

Once, my fiance and I were babysitting her when she was being potty trained.. Well, we aren’t that great with little kids, or kids in general, and let me just tell you this. Baby poop is also “not our thing”. Willow decided to go into her little portable potty and poop, right there in the dining room. She then proceeded to try and wipe her butt on her own without help. Where were we in this mess? Well, since she was quiet for a long period of time (you know, if there’s a three year old in the house and it’s quiet something is wrong) so we went to look for her.. only to find her sitting on the potty with poop all over her hands and butt. Oh man, my fiance and I freaked out so bad because again.. poop is not our thing. Well she decided to run through the house and play with poopy hands in her little plastic car. Needless to say, my fiance then picked her up at arms length and we hosed her and her toys off in the bathtub. It was disgusting and I’m pretty sure my fiance and I are traumatized.

To Be Continued.. 


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