In the Wintery Weather of Colorado

In the Wintery Weather of Colorado

swirling flurries fall

from the sky. The ground becomes wet

as the swirling flurries fall,

like butterflies gone mad.

Cold wind blows as the earth

beneath my feet continues to

dampen. The daughter of the

North Wind, blows her frosty mist,

all over the cold mountainous state.

The Greek sun god brought his

own toys out to play. Hot rays beat down

on the cool snowy debris left by

the daugther of the North Wind. Melting

what was once fallen swirling flurries,

into murky puddles in the dirt and grass.

Dogs play as the sun starts to beat

down on the moist ground beneath the little pads

of their feet. It’s warm outside, the snow

has officially melted away. The wintery mix of

swirling snow flurries are gone,

it feels like spring again.


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