Watching, Always Watching

Blue and green eyes are always watching. I see them peeking through the eyelashes of a tired soul.

Is it school making her this sleepy? What’s troubling her?

She’s always looking at me with blank stares as she tap-tap-taps the keys attached to the second half of my body. Well, there she goes again. Looking away at the other little screen in her hand, her iPhone.

CONCENTRATE! You have work to do, quit getting distracted. Just keep staring at my lit-up screen so you can finish this assignment and you can be one step closer to graduating from the school you’re always calling on the little screen in your hand.

Come on woman, don’t stand up. Where are you going? Ah, she’s back with food, when instead she needs to be feeding into my screen with the words that I know are rolling around in her brain.

IPhone, why don’t you stop her? She needs to focus on her schoolwork instead of the games you contain. Finally, she’s typing again. That’s right, put both hands on the keyboard, don’t pull away or you’ll get distracted by the things around you.

Wait, is that a cat I see? There she goes again. Distracted. Petting the feline who proceeds to paw at her chest while she attempts to do schoolwork. Shoo, kitty!

Alright, the needy little feline is gone. She has a few more words to go and they are slowing spilling onto the seemingly blank canvas in front of her…



she’s finally done


– H.P. Monitor 


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