This is my Language Theory term paper. It's full of theories on how we began to speak and what separates us from chimps. Even though it's an unusual topic for my blog, the subject is still interesting.

This is my first-ever attempt at a play. I've gotten good reviews from my peers, so I'm hoping for a good review from you!

Blue and green eyes are always watching. I see them peeking through the eyelashes of a tired soul. Is it school making her this sleepy? What's troubling her? She's always looking at me with blank stares as she tap-tap-taps the keys attached to the second half of my body. Well, there she goes again. Looking... Continue Reading →

These past couple of weeks we were asked to come up with an ideal religion. What do we think would be the perfect way of life? When I was working my first job, I discovered the Lokai. No, I wasn’t the person who founded it (Steven Izen did), but coming up with a religion based... Continue Reading →

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