What’s the Point?

What’s the point of writing a discussion board? The words we type, the time we spent, and the casual exchange of opinions is all wasted and lost within the Canvas (or BlackBoard) software. Once we type our replies and send them off, that’s that. Our opinions are out there. Your classmates’ reply, you get a grade, and then when the class closes you never get your words back again. What if you have real potential? What if your opinion could be useful being typed up elsewhere? Like, for instance, a blog post? Or maybe just social media.

I know it’s been a while WordPress, I’m just pondering. I’ve grown to miss the simple click-clack of the keys and the freedom you’ve given me over the past three years. These next five or six weeks are going to be rough. My blog is severely lacking, while the ones for school are thriving. But, do not fret! I have something in the works! I’ve had a few reviewers read what I already have in progress and I’ve had brilliant feedback. “Turn this into a book!” “I’d love to read this.” “Where are you going with this? I want to buy it.” And so on and so forth.

I love all of my fellow readers, all of my “fans”, and all of my active followers. I’d like to take this moment to apologize for my lack of material and I hope that if you’re still listening to me, you’re still hanging in there!

In the meantime, make sure to keep up with my other two blogs!

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Baby Blue Eyes

Baby blue eyes,

sitting on my lap,

how do you stay,

when I move my legs?

I’ll set you on the floor,

because my limbs fall asleep,

but you still come back.

Is it love?

Do you just,

want my chair?

Mama cat,


Mama cat,

I don’t understand.

I’ll always appreciate,

your little claws.

Especially since this is,

a rare occurrence.

Or rather,

it used to be.

Do you miss my brother?

Is this just you,

being a sad little cat?

I know you hate,

your bratty kids.

I know you love,

to be squished and held.

But mama cat,


Mama cat.

with your,

baby blue eyes,

what’s going on,

in that little head?